Original objectives

1 strategic objective

To actively participate, thanks to the European Union, in the construction of an international society more peaceful, more environmentally friendly, more prosperous, more socially just, and more democratic.

4 major objectives

(to reach the strategic objective)

1. To work in order to transform the economy of consumption, characterised by the waste of resources, pollution and insecurity of employment, into a competitive economy based on initiative, eco-innovation, and the responsibility of citizens, consumers as well as firms, so as to promote a development based on a balance between economic growth, environment issues and professional security.

2. To strive for the preservation of the environment, especially the protection of wildlife and vegetal diversity.

3. To strengthen European integration, in the respect of national, regional and local identities, through a greater commitment of European citizens and the economic and social actors (unions, firms, NGOs), in the identification of major world and European issues and the definition of the general interest of Europe; and in the conception and evaluation of public policies that might bring solutions to the major issues identified.

4. To get actively involved in the economic, cultural, and social development of the poorest regions of the world, in the full respect for the environment, by using EU funded “Twinnings” between local governments in Europe and in the countries concerned.

Other specific objectives

To participate in the identification of young talent in underprivileged social backgrounds and guide them to success.To contribute to the exchange and promotion, within Europe, of best practices related to the integration of immigrants.To promote secularism.To encourage and promote cultural creativity in European youth.To strive for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.